By The Numbers

Some interesting facts “by the numbers” to give you further insight into Berkman, Gordon, Murray & DeVan

[ 161+ ] Total combined years of experience of our firm’s lawyers
[ $1,900,000.00 ] Amount of damages awarded in an age discrimination in employment case in which we represented the discharged employee
[ 1 ] Number of times one of our attorneys was misidentified in a photo in a Las Vegas newspaper as our client’s body guard
[ 1 ] Number of times that same attorney was correctly identified by the New York Times in a photo with another client, walking out of federal court
[29] Number of states in which we have appeared in court
[10] Number of United States Circuit Courts of Appeals in which we’ve argued
[45+] Number of laws we’ve had struck down as unconstitutional
[55] Number of years since the firm’s founding
[1,100+] Number of pages of published judicial opinions in the official Federal Reporter issued in cases we handled
[9] Number of judges we’ve represented
[23+] Number of artists, dancers, performers, and photographers we’ve represented
[1,584] Number of feet from our office to the federal courthouse in Cleveland
[1,056] Number of feet from our office to the state courthouse in Cleveland
[1] Number of our attorneys who are married to attorneys.
[1] Number of our attorneys who perform with a local symphony and an all-lawyer rock band
[1] Number of our attorneys who was captain of his college boxing team.
[1,968+] Number of miles one of our attorneys has bicycled between Cleveland and Cincinnati

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