Constitutional litigation, civil rights, criminal defense, personal injury, business & employment, liquor law, & appellate.

Areas of Practice

Constitutional Litigation

Berkman, Gordon, Murray & Devan has successfully challenged governmental actions at municipal, county, state, and federal levels taken in violation of the Constitutional rights granted to each citizen under the First, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. Our firm has challenged the constitutionality of numerous laws, including criminal statutes, zoning ordinances, regulatory statutes, and administrative regulations. As firm supporters of Constitutional rights, we’ve represented victims of unconstitutional retaliation, unlawful searches and seizures, and wrongful prosecutions. Our commitment to the liberties protected by the Constitution is unwavering.

Practicing Attorneys: J. Michael Murray, Steven Shafron, Jr., William C. Livingston

Civil Rights

Berkman, Gordon, Murray & DeVan has successfully represented victims of unlawful arrest, retaliation in employment, and discrimination in a wide variety of civil rights cases. We’ve sued government officials for unlawfully retaliating against employees based on their political affiliation or for speaking out about matters of public concern. We’ve also represented many individuals who have been discriminated against because of their race, their religion, their gender, their age or their disability.

Practicing Attorneys: J. Michael Murray, Steven Shafron, William C. Livingston.

Criminal Defense

Berkman, Gordon, Murray & DeVan has represented many individuals and companies facing investigation and prosecution in both federal and state court matters involving complex allegations of white collar crime, such as bank fraud, tax evasion, and wire and mail fraud as well as general criminal matters from aggravated murder, robbery, gambling, arson and rape to driving under the influence and possession of narcotics. Recognizing the life-changing consequences criminal charges pose, we treat each matter with the vigor, care and thoroughness it deserves.

Practicing Attorneys: J. Michael Murray, Mark R. DeVan, Steven Shafron, William C. Livingston

Personal Injury

At Berkman, Gordon, Murray & Devan, we aggressively represent victims of others’ carelessness. Our past clients include families of those lost as a result of medical malpractice and individuals who have experienced life-changing injuries as a result of another’s negligence. We have secured substantial recoveries for those who have suffered a loss or injury from dangerous products. We charge no consulting fees for individuals to meet with us to discuss their claims, instead operating on a contingent fee, meaning we do not charge anything unless a successful result is secured. 

Practicing Attorneys: J. Michael Murray, Steven Shafron, William C. Livingston

Business and Employment

Berkman, Gordon, Murray & DeVan brings the same talent in litigating complex constitutional issues to the representation of our clients in business matters such as trademark and copyright litigation, commercial disputes, and employment issues. While our trial practice is rigorous, we give each of our clients unique and individual attention, and are equally equipped to resolve disputes by negotiation outside the courtroom setting.

Practicing Attorneys: J. Michael Murray, Steven Shafron

Liquor Law

Our goal is to provide aggressive, creative legal representation to liquor permit holders in Ohio and other states, whether before the Liquor Control Commission or in state or federal court. We have successfully challenged, on constitutional grounds, liquor statutes and regulations in Ohio and other states. Our practice before the Liquor Commission includes defense of administrative charges, as well as appeals from decisions of the division of liquor control denying permit applications, transfers or renewals. 

Practicing Attorneys: J. Michael Murray, Steven Shafron


Arguing more than a dozen cases in our own state’s highest court, the Ohio Supreme Court, and with frequent appearances in the appellate courts of other states, Berkman, Gordon, Murray & DeVan has an extensive appellate practice. On a federal level, we have argued cases in nearly every United States Circuit Court of Appeals in the country. Our experience as trial attorneys gives us an advantage in evaluating which issues can and should be advanced at the appellate level. As appellate advocates, we take great pride in the preparation of persuasive briefs and the presentation of effective oral arguments.

Practicing Attorneys: J. Michael Murray, Mark R. DeVan, Steven Shafron, William C. Livingston.